I don’t know how to start by way of a big ‘thank you’ to you for organising our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. We had breakfast this morning at around 7.30 a.m. and returned home at 8.20 a.m. to drop off our ‘bits and pieces,’ before going to our church. I am so sorry that we missed seeing you; we actually went back around lunchtime and the staff told us you were off-duty. I hope it was a very restful day for you!! If it is acceptable, we would love to pop in to see you one day during the week. We are well aware that you are a very busy person and certainly do not want to interrupt you when you are working.

I trust you do not mind my writing sending you this e-mail to your personal e-mail address; the lady at the reception kindly let us have your business card.


I don’t know how to start thanking you. From the time we began to plan our evening, you were so very helpful and gave us all the options. After all, we had not celebrated a 50th anniversary party prior to yesterday!! The welcoming drinks were a wonderful opportunity for those, who did not know one another prior to the party, to meet and chat.

From start to finish, your organisation was just incredible. I heard many gasps of amazement, as folk filed into the dining room – the tables were so well laid out, the flowers were absolutely beautiful, the lighted candelabras were so attractive. I had absolutely nothing but such positive comments from all our friends and many state, ‘We had no idea before this that there is such a wonderful venue as Black Eagle.’

I don’t know where to start in connection with the food. Each dish was so attractively presented and the food was utterly fantastic. Our pastor commented on his delicious fillet steak and said he so enjoyed every mouthful!

Graham was wonderful and the music was lovely and certainly not intrusive when folk were chatting with one another. Please give him a big ‘thank you’ from Colin and myself. Graham’s timing was always perfect.

All the waiters were extremely polite and efficient and very willing to find drinks that we had not anticipated beforehand. As for yourself, Guinevere, you couldn’t have done more for us and we are so very grateful to you and have enjoyed our meetings with you. I am left wondering, ‘I just don’t know how she does it all so very efficiently!’ We are certainly very happy that we have ‘found’ you and Black Eagle Boutique Hotel! You certainly ‘made our day,’ and we shall enjoy many happy memories of 24th September, 2016!

We still feel we may have settling-up to finalise – there were all the flowers, the waiters’ tips and I am not sure what else, so we should like to pop in and see you in the week, at your convenience. We certainly don’t want to lose touch with you, so we shall be visiting on occasions to enjoy your Sunday buffet lunches!

With love to you, from Colin and myself, and God bless you,