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Earth Day 2016 marks the 46th year celebrating the birth of the modern environmental movement- promoting sustainability, innovation and the introduction of eco friendly practices into mainstream society.

Whilst many of us do our bit by purchasing low emission vehicles, recycling our rubbish or utilising environmentally friendly goods; the greatest impact will only be seen when we fully change our mindsets, in which we are more conscious of our daily actions, the impact of these actions and the consequences thereof.

At Black Eagle we take this to heart and ensure that we don’t just talk the talk………but we also walk the walk.

During our rejuvenation program implemented in 2014, we re-engineered our facilities to be more environmentally conscious. Some of these conscious changes are small but make a big difference in energy efficiency and sustainability of the facility.

Many of our conscious changes involve the plumbing and water systems within the rooms and common areas. We fully insulated all piping and placed geysers in close proximity to taps and shower heads which aids in the reduction of heat loses. Additionally the solar geysers which we installed vertically instead of horizontally allows us an additional 25% gain in hot water for FREE! Our shower heads and taps also were subject to a review and were replaced with water saving fittings with flow restrictions to ensure not too much goes to waste.

Additional conscious changes focus on the social aspect of environmental sustainability – that being our staff. Our staff go through yearly environmental training to equip them with the skills and knowledge to save resources, not only at Black Eagle but in their personal capacities too. Through our environmental training we have successfully established a comprehensive separation and recycling program of our waste and even utilise our food waste for composting through the Bokashi system. As we progress with our rejuvenation program, so too will the sustainability and environmental benefit of our facilities contributing to the great good of the planet.


Celebrate Earth Day with us- 22 April 2016