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While most couples book their wedding venue a few years in advance, there are some couples who either don’t want a long engagement or for whatever reason want to organise their wedding as quickly as possible.

There is no stronger declaration of love & romance than getting married in a whirlwind of taffeta & silk. While tying the knot at short notice is not everyone’s cup of tea, a last-minute wedding can be an enjoyable affair as the element of urgency and surprise adds a real buzz to the air.

During the whirlwind activity of planning your last-minute wedding here are a few top tips to ensure your wedding is perfect:
• The most important first step is to decide on a budget as it can be very easy to overspend when you’re working against the clock
• For any couple wishing to plan a last-minute wedding, you need to prioritise & discuss what type of wedding you really want. Rather than getting distracted by lots of additional costs and add-ons, you can design your perfect day. Food may be important to you, so dedicate time to devising the perfect menu rather than deliberating over something less important. Pick out all the important must-have elements and focus all your energy on making those the best they can be.
• Choose your dream venue. When organising a wedding in a short time frame it’s worth considering getting married on alternative days including Friday and Sunday and even mid-week days are becoming increasingly popular.
• Now the fun really starts as you draw up the guest list & send out your online invitations. As well as being more eco-friendly, online invitations will allow guests to reply quickly and efficiently so you can easily see numbers at a glance. As you are getting married within a short time frame be sure to ask guests to RSVP by a certain date.
• As soon as your chosen venue is secured you should set about organising key suppliers. Make a list of all the things that you need. This list will seem endless but write it all down, from florist, photographer, band or DJ, venue or marquee, wedding dress, grooms’ attire, honeymoon.
• Decide on your best man and bridesmaids if you’re having them. and start arranging their outfits
• In a flurry of lace, & tiaras go dress shopping to find that one of a kind bridal dress
• Don’t scrimp on the details. While we often imagine the finer details of a wedding to go largely unnoticed by guests, they can add a real feel of magic to the proceedings. Add beautiful decorations to tables such as rose petals, tea lights, or handwritten notes for a personalised feel.
• Planning a wedding can be all-consuming particularly for brides and so delegation is key. Get family and friends involved in the planning or speaking with a venue like Black Eagle Hotel & Spa who will create a bespoke package that will include all of your key ‘must-haves’.
• Last but not least don’t forget to buy your wedding rings.

If you’re currently considering a short notice wedding that you would like to take place within the next 2-3 months and don’t know where to start, contact us at Black Eagle Hotel, on 11 958 5225 or We are sure we will come up with a great plan together or click hear to find out more about our ‘Wed at a Moments Notice‘ packages.